Weekly Highlights

New goal for the month: I am going to try to post every Sunday or Monday my top highlights from the past week! Just reflecting, and expressing gratitude for the happy moments in life, which sometimes get lost in the shuffle…

First highlight is closing out August with 25/31 days binge free! Yay! Still struggling with BED, but making real progress. I downloaded this calender app to help easily keep track of which days I go overboard, and keep in perspective that it’s what you do MOST of the time is what really matters.



Got to practice yoga outside at the park Wednesday, under the trees with a nice breeze coming in off the water… ahhh. My view from savasana:



Also picked up all these goodies from the Farmer’s market. I didn’t notice until I got home, but it seems there was a theme of all red, orange and yellow foods. First, second and third chakra foods. Coincidence? Or exactly what I need more of…



Took a trip to Providence with a friend on Saturday to take a yoga class at the studio where she did her teacher training, Eyes of the World. After a somewhat emotionally traumatic end to the week, this nice gently heated class really hit the spot.



I got an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts this week for the first time in years! Because they are now offering Almond milk yay! And I don’t really enjoy my coffee black. Light and (stevia) sweetened please! 



Finally trying this yummy cereal found at Stop & Shop. O.M.G. think Chocolate rice crispies but WAY better and better for you! Made from sprouted brown rice and sweetened with coconut sugar. Yes please! 10/10 would recommend. 


Of course spent some time hanging with these two fuzzy babies this weekend, and took some selfies with Boris! They always make me feel better no matter what is going on…

IMG_5615 IMG_5625


Got pumped up and ready to start the first week of #FriskyFall strong!! Love my Tone it Up workouts and motivation I get from these girls. It’s not too late to join the challenge which just started today. 8 weeks of free workouts and healthy living, just what I need to get me through to the holidays. 

IMG_5632Enjoying all of the delicious flavors of Fall already (even though it is still summer…) but Fall foods are my favorite!! Yummy figs have been the centerpiece of most of my breakfasts this weekend, here on top of a pumpkin protein waffle drizzled with pure maple syrup mmm…



That’s all for now! I will try to work on better photo quality for next week, oops. Sorry for the blurry pictures!




3 thoughts on “Weekly Highlights

  1. Definitely lots of good things to be grateful for this week : ) Fall is my favorite time of year. Can you believe I’ve never been to Eyes of the World?!? It’s such a well-known studio with a great reputation. I should make a point of going. I typically just take classes at my studio when I’m able to ; ) There’s such a variety to choose from but I should definitely branch out!

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